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HSB-73K12.ORG - 11.1V Battery For Asus a32-f82 a32-f52 a32 f82 F52 k50ij k50 K51 k50ab k40in k50id k50ij K40 k50in k60 k61 k70 looks good in design, features and function. The best function of this product is really simple to clean and control. The design and layout are very fantastic that make it really appealing and beauty. Many individuals feel attracted to purchase and utilize it. Every feature is developed to fulfill people require as its function too. It is stunning and ideal product for simple setup, upkeep, and control device.

Retail sales volume : 33
Store Name : ShenZhen Nine King Co.,Ltd
Product rating : 4.8
original price : US $15.46
Discount : 5%
Last price : US $14.69
11.1V Battery For Asus a32-f82 a32-f52 a32 f82 F52 k50ij k50 K51  k50ab k40in k50id k50ij K40 k50in k60 k61 k70

It has a good efficiency in action. Older customers have stated that this product is an excellent device to help in their task. On the other hand, the design is flexible, easy to install and elegant. It is excellent to perform with many innovative features and is priced appropriately. With the latest technology, it includes a great function and helps people to be used effectively. The model is truly responsive with exceptional design and functionality. Made with high quality products that make this product a long and sustainable life, everyone can use it and manage it in one step. What a great thing about this product with an amazing function and easily available in various shapes and sizes. Everyone can choose and try the magic work of the functions. they can work properly and know that people need it. Something to keep in mind about this product is flexibility, and functionally, which can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfortable. It is better than the old product or purchased in the past in the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of the product at an affordable price.

product specifications

  • Model Number: a32-f82
  • Brand Name: ApexWay
  • Package: Yes
  • Battery Cells: 6 Cells
  • Compatible Brand: ASUS
  • Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V or 10.8V
  • Real Capacity of 4400 mAh: >4000mah
  • Real Capacity of 5200 mAh: >5000mah
  • Real Capacity of 6600 mAh: >6000mah


product description

Everyone can utilize and run it in simple step. How fantastic of this product with amazing function and readily available in various shapes and size. Everyone can pick and taste the magic work of the features. 11.1V Battery For Asus a32-f82 a32-f52 a32 f82 F52 k50ij k50 K51 k50ab k40in k50id k50ij K40 k50in k60 k61 k70. can work correctly and know the people need it. Something to note from this product is flexibility, and functionally that can make your life more fun, enjoyable and comfort. It is better than the old or purchased product in the past at the same types and designs. Feel the exceptional taste and magic of product at the affordable rate.

>>Dear Customer<<


Our store sells kinds of batteries, have opened the oversea warehouse in

Russia, United States, United Kingdom and Australia, and can transport to most countries in the world.


For the long distance between warehouse and NVOCC we need some time for delivery.

if you haven\'t searched the info of the goods, do not worry, just contact us immediately,

we will spare no effect to help you solve the problem.

your satisfaction is what we always pursue, so please don\'t open a dispute rashly.Thanks for your trust. 



How to buyer a battery ?

  1. If the laptop battery models are the same, then it certainly can be used for your laptop battery.

  2. You can also see comparison pictures, by the shape of the battery and battery power interface to further determine your battery needs.

  3. Use "ctrl + F" to search for page one can determine whether the battery is suitable for your Laptop . If you still are not sure, please send us a message.


  • The photos are for referenceonly, and all products will be given priority to with physical.

  • Most of the high capacity battery (6600mAh, 8800mAh) look like a little convexity.

  • Note: Battery 3.6V and 3.7V, 7.2V and 7.4V, 10.8V and 11.1V, 14.4V and 14.8V are just different parameters, the actual effect is the same.    

  • Due to the particularity of the battery, some countries’ buyers only can choose seller’s shipping method to buy our product (you can search the tracking information on 17track.net., and we promise that the goods will be arrived on time.


  • If you have made order about our goods, you should accept our way of logistics, if you mind,do not buy it, please.



Postal code 35-, 07-, 38- and Balearen, Canary Islands, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spain cannot be send.

Postal code 97- and 98- in France cannot be send.



Laptop Battery could replace the following part numbers:
 For Asus
  07G016AP1875   70NLF1B2000Y   90-NLF1B2000Z
  70-NLF1B2000Y       70NLF1B2000Z        90-NLF1BZ000Y
  70-NLF1B2000Z      90-NLF1B2000Y   90-NLF1BZ000Z
  90NLF1B2000Y   90NLF1BZ000Z   L0690L6
  90NLF1B2000Z   A32-F52   L0A2016
  90NLF1BZ000Y   A32-F82  
Laptop Battery also compatible with the following models:
For Asus 
  A41   P50   X5E
  A41I   P50I   X5EA
  A41ID   P50IJ   X5EAC
  A41IE   P50U   X5EAE
  A41IN   P81   X5J
  F52   P81I   X5JI
  F52A   P81IJ   X5JIJ
  F52Q   PR05C   X5JX
  F82   PR05D   X65
  F82A   PR05E   X66
  F82Q   PR05J   X66I
  K40   PR065   X66IC
  K401J-E1   PR066   X70
  K40A   PR079   X70A
  K40AB   PR088   X70AB
  K40AC   PR08D   X70AC
  K40AD   PR08S   X70AD
  K40AE   PRO5C   X70AE
  K40AF   PRO5D   X70AF
  K40C   PRO5E   X70E
  K40E   PRO5J   X70F
  K40EA   PRO65   X70I
  K40ES   PRO66   X70IC
  K40ET   PRO79   X70ID
  K40I   PRO88   X70IJ
  K40ID   PRO8B   X70IL
  K40IE   PRO8BC   X70IO
  K40IJ   PRO8BI   X70IS
  K40IL   PRO8BID   X70K
  K40IN   PRO8BIE   X70Kr
  K40IP   PRO8BIJ   X70L
  K40N   PRO8BIL   X70S
  K40S   PRO8BIN   X70Se
  K40lJ   PRO8BIP   X70Sr
  K40lN   PRO8D   X70Z
  K50   Pro5CQ   X87
  K50A   Pro5DA   X87E
  K50AB   Pro5DAB   X87Q
  K50AD   Pro5DAD   X8A
  K50AE   Pro5DAF   X8AA
  K50AF   Pro5DC   X8AAB
  K50C   Pro5DI   X8AAD
  K50E   Pro5DID   X8AAF
  K50I   Pro5DIE   X8AE
  K50ID   Pro5DIJ   X8AEA
  K50IE   Pro5DIL   X8AI
  K50IJ   Pro5DIN   X8AID
  K50IL   Pro5DIP   X8AIE
  K50IN   Pro5EA   X8AIJ
  K50IP   Pro5EAC   X8AIL
  K50X   Pro5EAE   X8AIN
  K51   Pro5JI   X8AIP
  K51A   Pro5JIJ   X8AS
  K51AB   Pro66I   X8B
  K51AC   Pro66IC   X8BJ
  K51AE   Pro79A   X8BJT
  K51E   Pro79AB   X8BV
  K51EA   Pro79AC   X8BVT
  K51I   Pro79AD   X8C
  K51IO   Pro79AE   X8D
  K51X   Pro79AF   X8DI
  K51XA   Pro79I   X8DIJ
  K51XI   Pro79IC   X8EJ
  K60   Pro79ID   X8EJQ
  K60IJ   Pro79IJ   X8EJV
  K60IL   Pro79IO   X8S
  K60IN   Pro88Q  
  K61   Pro8DI  
  K61I   Pro8DIJ  
  K61IC   X5A  
  K61L   X5AV  
  K61LC   X5AVC  
  K6C11   X5AVn  
  K70   X5C  
  K7010   X5CQ  
  K7010-A1   X5D  
  K70A   X5DA  
  K70AB   X5DAB  
  K70AC   X5DAD  
  K70AD   X5DAF  
  K70AE   X5DC  
  K70AF   X5DE  
  K70AS   X5DI  
  K70AS-X2A   X5DID  
  K70I   X5DIE  
  K70IC   X5DIJ  
  K70ID   X5DIL  
  K70IJ   X5DIN  
  K70IL   X5DIP  
  K70IO   X5DX  

The items normally will be shipped out via China post air mail  which is free of charge if there is no special request from the buyer. You can visit .SINGPOST to check the status after you get the tracking number. Herebelow is the estimated transportation time for different countries for your reference.



Delivery Time

Working Days (not including holiday)





Above 25

Working Days + Saturday + Sunday






US & Canada

Rate (item arrived)

5 .1%






Rate (item arrived)






Europe Mainland

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Mideast &south Asia

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Rate (item arrived)






Near east Asia

Rate (item arrived)






Mexico & South America

Rate (item arrived)




If you want the faster shipment, we also provide EMS and DHL service. The freight is paid by buyer. In case you select the courier service, please contact us for the accurate freight.

EMS 5-7 business days to most of the countries

DHL 3-5 business days to most of the countries.


We couldn\'t guarantee the actual arrival days are excactly the same as above. This is based on the courier in the normally case.


Return policy:

All items if returned for whatever reasons must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number, please contact us before return. Items returned without RMA# will delay the process or be ignored. 

• For battery packs or battery related products, warranty becomes void if the battery pack has been improperly charged, installed or misused in any way, or if the label and/or bar code label has been removed or tampered with. 
• In returning products customer must pay the return freight.



Five star positive feedback is always welcome. In case you have any problems for the product,transportation time or the service, please communicate with the seller first.



This is also an important factor to consider, since the self-confidence of the consumer in some companies over others determines that many of their products have been purchased and used with satisfaction. Surely you will have more security in buying one of these popular providers. After doing all the research, there is one last thing you should look into and maybe use to complete the selection process. Suppose you have reduced your decision to 3 products, but you're not sure how to choose the one you want to buy. you can buy now 11.1V Battery For Asus a32-f82 a32-f52 a32 f82 F52 k50ij k50 K51 k50ab k40in k50id k50ij K40 k50in k60 k61 k70